What to Expect from your Nutrition Consultation

This is the part of the process where we get to grips with the underlying problem that you wish to address through understanding what may be causing it.

What does it Involve?

foodjournalStage 1

5 Day Food Diary and Physical activity Record
Dietary Analysis and report explaining the findings

Stage 2

One to One Consultation and Body Composition Check

Stage 3

Meal planner appointment
Follow up appointment
Maintenance visit

5 Day Food Diary

Firstly, before your nutrition consultation you’ll complete the 5 day food diary. I will provide you with the diary and instructions for filling it out. This includes details about how to record packaged foods, drinks and alcohol. You can also record physical activity undertaken throughout the day.

I use Nutritics – an online program designed for health and industry professionals.   This software can provide the breakdown of your diet with which I will write a thorough report that describes how your diet matches up to recommended intakes and ways of tweaking these results. The software also allows me to can select and create recipes and meal planners which are unique to you and your requirements.


One to One Consultation and Body Composition Check

At the initial consultation we will complete a health questionnaire together and talk through your food diary and look at how it may be contributing to your overall health. From here we will discuss any health issues identified through the food diary and talk about what you hope to achieve throughout the process. This part of the process usually takes about an hour.  We will also discuss whether there are any particular foods you don’t want to include in the meal planner and what level your kitchen confidence is.

I have Tanita body composition scales which we can also use in these consultations if required, they can help give us a more accurate picture of body fat and muscle percentages as well as weight. This allows for more more targeted goals.

Meal Planners

After this, we will have an appointment to hand over meal planners and talk them through to identify any barriers to success. Each meal comes with a nutrient breakdown, ingredient list and recipe.  I am also happy to provide a shopping list for all the meals suggested which makes the whole process much smoother.

Follow Up and Maintenance

Follow up will take place approx 3-4 weeks later which will be to assess progress made towards your goals, after which further recommendations may be made.

Further follow ups will be scheduled as required – change needs to be implemented in a realistic manner in order to be fully integrated into your daily routine.  The number of follow up consultations may vary from client to client and may be based on available budget.

After 6 months, we will have a check-in maintenance visit to see how well the changes are working for you.

Other services that can be discussed include assisted supermarket visits, cupboard health visits and cooking lessons.