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Hassle free, healthy meals



Try Nutrition is like hiring a personal chef and nutritionist without spending more than you already spend on meals.

You simply choose your meals, we cook, pack and deliver for you to enjoy.

All our nutritionally balanced freshly prepared meals come clearly labelled with calories and macro breakdowns making it simple to track your intake and hit your targets whether that be for sporting performance, ensuring your have a healthy balanced diet or for effective long-term weight loss.


Fresh, tasty  and nutritious


Why Try Nutrition?

What’s great about Try Nutrition and how it works:


We'll save you hours in food shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning.


Our meals are pre-prepared and microwaveable in minutes, making them ideally suited for consumption at regular intervals throughout the day.


We have flexible menu choices, if you want to change some of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats around then this can be done.


There are no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats in any of our food.

No fuss, nutritionally balanced meals.



Getting your nutrition right is the building blocks of your lifestyle and training. If your nutrition is not on point you can quickly feel the affects of not having eaten enough good quality food and have too many highs and lows in your energy levels throughout the day. Food should be used to provide fuel for your training and recovery. 

Try nutrition has helped me keep what I eat on track. The meals are well balanced, varied and, just as important, they are tasty which means they don't get boring or become a task to eat. 

It's also super convenient, I can spend time at weekends recovering and enjoying myself with the confidence that my food prep is taken care of.


β€” Jak Cornthwaite, CrossFit Games Athlete

Over 20 meal options


placing your order

When to order: Delivery days will be on a Tuesday and Friday each week. If you require your food to be delivered on a Tuesday then you need to place your order on this website by midnight on the Saturday before, if you require your food delivery on a Friday your order needs to be placed before midnight on the Tuesday before.

No fuss, straight to your door...


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