Check out some of the feedback we have been getting from our customers.


Steven Fawcett
CrossFit Games Athlete

I have used meal prep services for over 4 years now and Try Nutrition is definitely the best tasting with the most reliable service.

Over the past few years my focus has been performance, I used the meals as a way of guaranteeing I was eating correctly and saving time prepping meals to focus more on training, recovery and other aspects of life.

More recently, I have moved to put my focus into my businesses and very recently became a Dad! Now I can really see the benefit of having my meals ready in the fridge when being non-stop all day!


Jak Cornthwaite
CrossFit Games Athlete

Getting your nutrition right is the building blocks of your lifestyle and training. If your nutrition is not on point you can quickly feel the affects of not having eaten enough good quality food and have too many highs and lows in your energy levels throughout the day. Food should be used to provide fuel for your training and recovery. 

Try Nutrition has helped me keep what I eat on track. The meals are well balanced, varied and, just as important, they are tasty which means they don't get boring or become a task to eat. 

It's also super convenient, I can spend time at weekends recovering and enjoying myself with the confidence that my food prep is taken care of.


Mitchel Adams
Five time CrossFit Regional Athlete

Try Nutrition has been a welcome addition to aiding me with my training.

Having a fresh, healthy delicious meal there ready for you with no prep time or trip to the shop, is extremely convenient to suit my busy work and training schedule. With good variety on the menu it keeps things interesting from week to week.

Very pleased with the food and the service.


Reece Mitchell
CrossFit Games Athlete

Nutrition is a huge factor, if not the number one factor when it comes to being an elite athlete in the sport of fitness. As people know, food prep takes time and effort, this takes focus away from the more important elements of being an athlete.

I’m lucky to have Try Nutrition supplying me with fresh, balanced and very tasty food, which means I don’t get bored and really enjoy meal times! It’s super convenient and leaves me worry free when it comes to hitting my nutrition targets.